Manager's Message

 “Dreams transform in to thoughts and thoughts result in action”.
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Everyone has dreams in their life, many transform in to thoughts and some in to action. We know many great personalities who has gone through these processes and succeeded in life. If one does not give wings to his dreams it remains a ‘Dream’ only. We don’t live in a world of dreams. Today everyone tries to adopt all kinds of ways and means in order to succeed - no hesitation to use even unfair means that  is of a  great concern. The exemplary life of the Parents and Teachers must be a guiding force, let the wards experience your love and concern. Let the Parents, elders and teachers be persons of integrity so that, they can inculcate the values and virtues to the young buds.

St. Thomas Sr. Sec. School aims at the Integral Development of an individual, our  purpose  is to Give Wings to the dreams of the students so that they may achieve their goal and become a responsible citizen to build a just society. Let us not impose our dreams on wards rather help and support them to fulfill their dream. Let not the children be overburdened, perplexed and worried due to the compulsion of the parents rather help them to give wings to ‘THEIR’ dreams through your support and encouragement.

Compulsions and restrictions are likely to hinder the normal growth process. It will lead to dislike, discomfort later depression. Therefore freedom is to be given, freedom with responsibility. Let us hope and pray that we, the management, teachers and the parents continue to play a vital role to give wings to the dreams of our students. May the almighty lead us to the LIGHT.

Fr. Kennedy Thomas