Manager's Message


Fr. Lawrence S

We read in the Bible that Hanna the mother of Prophet Samuel brought him to the temple that he may grow holy and wise in the presence of God. Similarly, all of us are expected to grow in the presence of God to learn more about God, world and self. Secondly, we should learn well, beyond all doubts, what we have to learn and live accordingly. Auvaiyar, a national Tamil Saint says that we should educate ourselves well even if we are poor. Even if we have to beg others for financial support we should happily do so, because only those who are educated, whether high caste or low caste, poor or rich will be called to come up in the society to lead others. Thirdly, we should learn to be calm, humble and positive, and get rid of our anger, fear and negative feelings. If we are able to achieve all these qualities, it becomes easy to win over the world and self. Finally, our secular education should be well grounded in spiritual and moral education so that we may become very productive in life.

May God bless us all!