Principal's Message

Education is indeed an unending sojourn through the expanding realms of knowledge and wisdom. A school is of course a building that has four walls but with a ‘tomorrow’ inside; the tomorrow of human race, the tomorrow of a nation, a society and the individual. According to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, “Teachers are ‘the back bone’ of any country the pillars upon which all inspirations of the country are covered into realities”. If education in the true sense is the pursuit of truth, teachers are like those ‘lamp lighters’ of old, who went around the streets to light public lamps. Teachers as perpetual seekers of intellectual integrity and universal compassion should ignite young minds’ with truth and eternal values. Let us keep out lamps not under a bushel but on a lamp stand so that everyone will see the light as they come in.

Sr. Mercy John Pulinelukumkalayil